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To rent: fully-furnished room (12sqm)
Preis: 200
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Seit: 03.07.17
Our (3-bedroom) apartment is located right in front of a supermarket, with the central station and the inner ring within 7 minutes walking distance. Almost all major tram lines are within quick reach (Wilhelm-Liebknecht-Platz: 3 min, Gördelering: 8 min, Zoo: 3 min).
The apartment is located on the 2nd floor, has a ground surface of 92 square meters (990 square feet), and comprises the following rooms as communal space:
The multi-functional living room with a dinner table, bar, guest bed
The useful residential corridor with cozy chairs, a printer and countless books and DVDs
The bright bathroom with a bathtub and a washing machine
The large kitchen with many devices, spices and everything else a good cook needs

Your room would be 12 square-meters, if desired equipped with a single bed, wardrobe and a PC work station (old but functional).

We don't (and never have been) living together purely for economic reason and would like it to stay that way. Everything in the communal space (ranging from the herbs in the kitchen up to the board games in the living room) can and should be used by all house mates. This is included in the rent as well as internet, broadcasting fees and energy.

We are a working / studying couple that has been living in the flat for ~3.5 years, within that time and before in different constellations. We enjoy company (and obviously enjoy living with other people) and often cook together, sometimes play board games and like to spend time together. Simon studies and works at the university, plays in a band and sings in a choir, and does historical fencing, so will be out of the house quite a bit. Colleen works as an English teacher and in her free time enjoys reading, watching movies and doing craftwork.

We look for flat-share experience, responsible but relaxed, social, flexible, interested and interesting, mature (~25-60 years; But age according the birth certificate is not that important for us; rather your maturity), but young at heart, discussion-loving house mates.
We consider ourselves more of a 'patch-work familiy', and would like to keep the familiar atmosphere. In the best case you are clean but not pedantic, you tidy up whats in the way, but don't go crazy when something stands around for a while.

We look forward hearing from you!!!

Contact information:
Simon Johanning
+49177 3001136
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